Intro To Memes

Especially during COVID-19, I have become an avid meme user. I use them to communicate how I am feeling with my friends and to use as comedic affect in a conversation. Memes have been around for many years but you may be thinking to yourself…. exactly what is a meme? According to the Merriam- Webster Dictionary a meme is:

an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture

Why does it matter?

To me, it matters because of how funny they are and that they are so easy to relate to. To my friends, its a way to make a group of us laugh by a quick reference to a meme, either over text or in a conversation. It may be different for others, but most of society uses them as a way to relate to each other. In a world full of bad things, this is a way to create humor and make the world seem a little less harsh.

Goal of this project:

My group and I picked the culture project on memes because we all thought it would be fun to delve into memes, make them, and learn more about them. I personally have not created a meme before and maybe I will one day, but not for this project. I am planning on looking at the “this is fine” meme and seeing when and where it has been the most relevant. If you do not know what this meme is, here is a picture:

I hope to find out more about the trend of this meme and its origin by using google trends and upstreaming the meme. I am really excited about this because this is a meme my friends and I use religiously and I want to try and find where it is originated and when it is used the most!!

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