Personal Take on Digital Audio

As I sit here typing out this post for my digital studies class at UMW, I have Grey’s Anatomy in the background and I cannot help but think about how they have included background effects, cropped music clips, and Meredith Grey’s voiceover at the beginning and end of every episode. These are all forms of editing digital audio. As someone who is both interested in music and editing videos, I find digital audio and creating digital audio honestly really exciting!

Initial Thoughts:

My first initial thought whenever I think about digital audio are the Hannah Montana transitions. And if you do not know what I am talking about, you are in luck because I have them linked right here. All jokes aside, as someone who is fairly passionate about digital audio, I thought it was very compelling to do something music oriented because of my interest in music. But, digital audio is much more than that. Digital audio is podcasts, Siri, any automated noises, and many more sounds that can be created on a computer or digital device.

Why Digital Audio Matters:

Now you may be thinking to yourself: why does this matter? To be honest, digital audio matters A LOT. It is your wellness podcast, your theme song, it is your commercial jingle. It is something that a tv show or a movie cannot live without. It matters because it is a form of creativity that can take shape in any form of media.

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