Reflection on Web Literacy

When beginning this project, I had no idea what I was getting into. I have never really heard of the phrase “web literacy” and have never really thought about how credible a source, except for when my teachers and professors used to say something along the lines of “you can use anything but wikipedia” in a project, paper, or presentation. Of course, I know of such things like fake news and bias, but I never thought about debunking claims and conspiracies. When I saw the list of claims in the canvas announcement, there were a couple my group was drawn to.

We ended up asking the question: Is Bill Gates working on a vaccine nanotechnology that will reprogram human DNA with alien DNA?

As a group we found that there was no disagreement between anyone about this claim, as we could not find much information about people saying this. I felt like our group wrote with clarity as much as we could, considering there was not a lot of information on the subject. The quality of the information that we found was diverse and from different websites. We could not find any statistical data on the subject.

The tone of our project seems neutral and unemotional. We provide multiple sources and minimal mistakes, if any at all. We tried our best to gather as much information as we could and researched as much as we could find on the subject.

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