Timeline of the Nintendo Wii

In 2008 when my parents decided to get my siblings and I a wii, we were so excited to have such a new and revolutionary device in our hands. We were incredibly excited to play Wii Sports and Mario Kart we could hardly contain ourselves. We had played on the Wii at our family friends house for so long and thought it was quite possibly the best thing that we had ever been able to have ourselves. We continued to play those games as well as Just Dance, Mario Party, and Disney Sing It.

Using my Nintendo Wii was such an important part of my childhood and something that took up my time after sporting events on weekends. It was a bonding event when my family and I would verse each other in Wii Sports Tennis matches. It is something we still have in our house to this day, but something we never use. I created a timeline of the Wii and included where the wii can be recycled to and taken back in Nintendo’s Take Back program.

The Wii was popular for many years then began a steady decline of use in 2010. In 2011, my family and I began using other devices instead of the Wii because of better, faster, and more reliable technology for the games and types of media we wanted to use. In 2019, the Wii Shop that you could get other types of applications on for your wii software officially shut down.

Though my family does not use our wii anymore, we still keep it around and remember all of the great times we had whether it was singing at the top of our lungs or competing in a Wii Sports or Mario Kart tournament. And though we still keep our wii for the memories, if you are interested you can give your device back to Nintendo or recycle it.

I hope in this timeline you see the links to the articles that are associated to the Wii and are able to find more information!

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